What Parents Need to Know

Information for Parents

According to state law, documentation of immunizations must be presented to the school or school nurse ON THE DAY OF ENROLLMENT. A child may not be permitted to attend beyond the first day of school without furnishing written proof of immunizations.

If a student becomes ill, he/she must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. Students with unexplained rashes, chicken pox, pink eye, head lice, impetigo, scabies, ringworm, or any type of contagious diseases should be reported to the school nurse. These students have to be cleared by the nurse before returning to school.

Emergency Cards
These cards are sent home the first day of each school year for parents/guardians to complete and return on the second school day. This vital information is the only link between the nurse and the parent/guardian in the event of an emergency or illness. REMEMBER to keep the nurse updated on any changes of information on this card.

*DO NOT list non-custodial parents UNLESS it is okay for them to be contacted and/or pick up your child.

Clothing Bank
The Cynthia Heights Clothing Bank is supported by the PTA. This program provides clothing to Cynthia Heights’ families with limited incomes.

Disabilities Awareness
The nurse promotes the understanding of different types of disabilities, daily challenges, and adaptations to assist children with special needs.