Second Grade

second gradeIn second grade, students receive grades in reading, writing, spelling, and language. Social studies, science, and health are also taught without assigned grades. The teachers strive to teach the Indiana State Standards in each lesson

The grading scale for second grade is:

A: 90%-100%

B: 80%-89%

C: 70%-79%

D: 60%-60%

F: 59% & Below

*Handwriting is evaluated using a scale of E (excellent), S (satisfactory), or N (needs improvement).

Language skills are taught in a traditional way and implemented in creative writing, a significant component in our curriculum. The teachers have been trained to use a variety of techniques, including the five-step writing process, Write Traits, and Four-Square Writing. The writing process teaches students how to brainstorm for ideas, create rough drafts, edit, proofread, and publish their written pieces. Write Traits focuses on six specific writing traits that good writing pieces contain. Students are engaged in mini-lessons that teach the six traits. Utilizing a graphic organizer containing the four squares is used in the Four-Square Writing Method to help teach children how to organize and plan their writing.

Spelling tests are given on Wednesday and Friday each week. World lists are sent home weekly in each classroom newsletter.

The Indiana Mathematics Standards are taught and re-taught throughout the school year. Students learn to use computation skills and strategies and are taught how to write an explanation for how they solved a problem. Students also work on measurement, algebra, and geometry skills.

Students are also given timed tests in which they are required to complete 50 addition and/or subtraction problems within 2 ½ minutes. Parents may want to purchase flash cards for daily practice or visit the following website to print out free cards:

As a team of veteran teachers, we work very hard to provide a firm academic foundation for our second graders to prepare them for the state ISTEP+ and IREAD testing in the third grade!
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