Physical Education

gymPhysical Education at Cynthia Heights revolves around four basic components, as follows: (1.) In-class exercise and activities, (2.) A better understanding of aerobic and cross-fit exercises that can be enjoyed away from class and can be shared with others, (3.) A better understanding of how nutrition and sleep affect our overall mental and physical well-being, and (4.) The importance of working together in small and large groups and understanding the TEAM concept in sports or non-sports related activities; developing positive relationships that will grow over time.

*In-class activities are certainly important and can aid students in their current development. Classic exercises as well as innovative exercises and games are a regular feature of PE at Cynthia Heights. Music, as an enrichment to exercise is used frequently in all classes.

*It’s not enough to just get exercise at school. Our PE class is structured to encourage follow-up exercises and activities during recess, at home, or simply when the child has some free time of his/her own.

*Proper nutrition is a key component in any physical education program. We consistently provide information, feedback, and spark discussion about what proper nutrition can do to increase one’s physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

*Becoming a TEAM player is so important yet not something that comes naturally. The “team” concept is a set of skills that must be emphasized and worked on day after day. It may be one of the most important skills we work on at any given time, and we work on it daily.
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