Cynthia Heights Cafeteria

Our Cafeteria Manager and staff serve an appetizing and nutritionally balanced lunch. A prepaid, computerized accounting program utilizing PIN numbers is used at Cynthia Heights. Each student has his/her own account in which money may be deposited for breakfast and lunch (not extras). Breakfast is available for those wishing to eat from 7:40 a.m. to 7:50 a.m. Students are encouraged to bring account money to school on Monday mornings. However, parents may send any amount daily, weekly, or monthly for deposit into their child’s account. When the account gets low on money, the cashier will tell the student. Students eligible for free meals will also have a PIN number even though no money is needed in the account. Checks should be made payable to Cynthia Heights. If you have a question regarding your child’s account, you may call the school cafeteria at 812-435-8748.

Lunch charges are discouraged but may be given by the Cafeteria Manager. Students that owe lunch charges are not permitted to purchase “extras.” Lunch charges are to be paid the next day. Occasional charges are understandable. Accumulated, unpaid charges will result in an alternative lunch.

Free lunches and reduced price lunches are available so that no child needs to go hungry. Information regarding eligibility is available from the principal.

Students may also bring their lunch. Children bringing their lunch may purchase milk. Milk or juice may be purchased for $0.35 cash. It may not be taken from the lunch account. Menus for the month are sent home with the school calendar of events on a monthly basis with each child. Canned juice drinks and “extra” snack items are available to students in grades 3-5. The limit is one “extra” item per student. No carry-ins are allowed from outside eating establishments. No soft drinks are allowed. Parents are encouraged to visit the “Wildcat Café” and have lunch with their child!