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Cynthia Heights School challenges students daily in their classrooms. Our teachers coordinate the classroom lessons with the Indiana Department of Education state standards. Teachers set high standards, create new activities, utilize current teaching techniques, and engage students in active learning. Meeting higher standards guides our students to greater opportunities.

Parents play a vital role in student achievement. Parental support is one of the most important factors in determining student achievement. Parents can keep informed of classroom events by looking at teacher web sites, reading newsletters, checking student backpacks and folders, and familiarizing themselves with what is happening in their child's classroom.

By visiting the page, you can find out what is happening in classrooms at Cynthia Heights. Click the links to the left to view what is happening at your child's grade level.

Academics & Programs 

We have fun in kindergarten! We eagerly learn reading readiness skills, phonics, writing, math skills, science and social studies. We also... (cont'd)
First grade is an exciting time of growth and discovery. For most first graders, learning to read is a major goal for the school year. Through a... (cont'd)
In second grade, students receive grades in reading, writing, spelling, and language. Social studies, science, and health are also taught without... (cont'd)
Third grade is a year of tremendous growth and maturity. Students begin to use cursive handwriting, learn multiplication facts, and become more... (cont'd)
Welcome to the Grade Four at Cynthia Heights! Our three, fantastic fourth-grade teachers look forward to seeing your youngsters every day in class.... (cont'd)
Fifth grade is an exciting year for Cynthia Heights’ students! The year is filled with a variety of academic and extracurricular activities.... (cont'd)
Physical Education at Cynthia Heights revolves around four basic components, as follows: (1.) In-class exercise and activities, (2.) A better... (cont'd)
The Resource program at Cynthia Heights serves students in grades K-5. Our program serves several disability areas, including but not limited to:... (cont'd)
The Cynthia Heights Media Center is a welcoming room with wall to wall shelves filled with a great selection of children's literature, both fact... (cont'd)